DynaQ® Bluetooth BBQ Temperature Control

DynaQ® Bluetooth BBQ Temperature Control

The ideal companion for any tailgater who wants professional BBQ without all the work. Great BBQ needs the right mix of timing and temperature. Uneven temperature shifts in your grill can result in dried or burnt meat, which means you’ll need to constantly keep an eye on your grill, and adjust and readjust the dampers to try to keep the temperature where you want it.

The DynaQ monitors and controls your pit’s temperature in real time, so that you always know the exact temperature. In addition, you’re also able to monitor the internal temperature of your food so you can remove it from the grill at the peak of perfection. You’re in full control of your cook — no more surprises!


  • Monitor and Control your Cook with Bluetooth App
  • Quick Visual Feedback with the Status Light Ring
  • High Precision and Dishwasher-safe Temperature Probes
  • Maximize Airflow Efficiency with the 10 CFM Pit Viper Fan/Blower
  • Compatible with Nearly Every Charcoal or Wood-fired Grill