DLD Tailgate Shade™

DLD Tailgate Shade™

DLD Tailgate Shade™ is the most versatile and adaptable product of its kind, and they have 2 patents to prove it. And with an optional bracket, it can attach virtually anywhere – boats, fencing, decks, picnic tables, and more.  Protect your tailgate guests with this cool tailgate product!

Easy to Use

This lightweight shade can be assembled in under 3 minutes (watch our video if you don’t believe us) and is easy to transport. There are no special tools required, and it can even transport on the outside of your vehicle!

Don’t Be That Guy

Everybody knows “that guy” who shows up at the little league game or the tailgate party acting surprised that the sun came out. Yes, it’s hot. Yes, heat makes people get sweaty. You don’t want to be “that guy” always complaining about the temperatures or your inevitable sunburn. The DLD Tailgate Shade™ is the perfect accessory for your next outdoor event. The sun is predictable, and it’s UV rays are harmful, even when the temperatures are bearable. Protect your friends and family with one of our DLD Tailgate Shades™ so that you can skip the whining and get back to being the life of the party!

Stay Cool and Comfortable with DLD Tailgate Shade™ at Your Next Tailgate!