Christmas Gifts for Men under $100

Image: Deposit Photos, gpointstudio

Christmas Gifts for Men under $100

Finding holiday gifts for men has never been an easy task. While it may take a bit of guesswork, seeing the smile on his face when he opens the gift makes it all worth it. Lucky for you, our curated list of thoughtful items has just what he’s looking for that will make him feel special this holiday season. Here are five great Christmas gifts for men under $100.


Gift for: the Whiskey Enthusiast

Monogrammed Whisky Glasses

If a man makes whiskey his drink of choice, you know he’s got his head on straight. He sees the beauty in things and takes time to appreciate everything, and he’ll certainly appreciate the beauty in this gift.

This set of four monogrammed glasses is specifically designed for tasting whisky. Made by Glencairn Crystal and developed with master whisky distillers, the glasses have a thick, sturdy base that complements the depth of whisky, thin sides that allow you to clearly see the whisky’s color, and a tapered mouth that accentuates aromas. (The glasses’ iconic shape is derived from the traditional nosing copitas used in Scottish whisky distilleries.)


Gift for: the “Some Like it Hot” Coffee Drinker

Temperature-Controlled, Self-Heating Coffee Mug

There’s nothing worse than coffee that’s gone cold—unless of course, you’re a fan of iced coffee— but assuming he prefers hot beverages, consider this gift to keep his drink warm for hours.

The Nextmug will keep his coffee or tea at the perfect temperature by simply selecting one of the three settings: Warm (130°), Hot (140°), or Piping (150°). A long-lasting battery and sensors maintain the ideal temperature while LED lights display both battery life and real-time temperature. The mug itself is expertly crafted, as the elegant ceramic matte finish covers the durable stainless-steel body which comfortably holds 17 ounces of liquid.


Gift for: the BBF Buff

BBQ Grill Light

Don’t let the nighttime sky stop him from grilling up a storm! Holding a flashlight in one hand while trying to turn meat with the other is cumbersome and you really can’t see how the food is cooking.

Get him an LED light that illuminates the grill with 200 lumens, which is double the output of similar units. The attachment simply clamps to a grill handle and pivots to direct light exactly where needed. Its 12 LEDs illuminate a grill’s cooking surface and table simultaneously, leaving his hands free for flipping burgers or checking a roast’s temperature. After six minutes, the lamp will auto-shutoff in effort to preserve energy and maximize efficiency.


Gift for: the “Always Prepared”

Personalized folding pocket-knife

A pocket-knife is an indispensable tool that is especially handy for leisurely hiking adventures as well as emergency settings. Plus, a classic pocket-knife adds some class to his everyday carry!

This folding pocket-knife is personalized with a shiny, uncirculated Lincoln penny and a monogram to honor an important birth year. The penny, which can represent any year between 1941 and the present, is embedded in the elegantly curved handle. The 3″ stainless-steel blade bears the classically styled monogram, with the prominent family name initial in the center flanked by the smaller first and middle name initials. The handsome knife unfolds from its wooden handle to 7 1/2″ long.


Gift for: the (Imperfectly) Groomed Guy

Fogless LED Shower Mirror

Ever notice the small nicks on his face from his morning shave? It’s likely due to poor lighting or lack of visibility when going in with the razor.

With an easy-to-install lighted shower mirror that employs patented anti-fog technology, the tiny cuts on his chin will be a thing of the past! Rather than using an anti-fog coating, this mirror diverts water from the showerhead (won’t affect water pressure) into a hidden chamber that warms the glass, preventing condensation. A rechargeable LED light frames the shatter-resistant acrylic mirror, which provides up to one month of power on a full charge. Its mounting bracket allows various levels of height adjustability and secures it to a shower wall using double-sided tape.