Best Grill Thermometer

Best Grill Thermometer

While beautifully charred crisscrosses on your burgers and steak are pleasing to the eye, grill marks don’t always indicate that the food is thoroughly cooked. A thermometer should be used when grilling to ensure your food is cooked to the proper temperature. On the flipside, it’s your best tool to prevent overcooked, tough meat—which would completely ruin your dinner! If you’re looking for the best grill thermometer, here are four great options.

Maverick STAKE Wireless Thermometer

The STAKE by Maverick is an innovative, truly wireless food probe thermometer. Using the STAKE App, available in the App Store or Google Play Store, you can connect up to eight STAKE probes at once using Bluetooth. This app allows you to customize alert settings for six different types of meats and change the names of each probe so you can keep track of what you are cooking. The heat resistant ceramic handle is capable of withstanding temperatures up to 572 degrees Fahrenheit. The stainless-steel probe measures the internal temperatures giving you real-time temperature monitoring. The STAKE takes only two minutes to charge with the included charge case and it is capable of lasting up to four hours!

Weber 7203 iGrill 2

This Bluetooth-enabled device can measure up to four different temperatures at a time while you’re cooking your meal. (This helps to improve your cooking by taking guess games out of your meat’s doneness determination.) One of the most notable features is its two probes, which resist heat up to about 716˚F, but can measure between -22˚F to 572˚F. Viewability is super easy on the digital display. And once you’ve connected it to your phone, there are even more capabilities: you can set temperature limits for each probe; as soon as the probes notice a temperature change or shift from the limits, they’ll send an alarm to your phone.

GrillEye Max Wireless Grilling & Smoker Smart Thermometer

The  GrillEye Max just goes to show you: one can’t have “too many” probe ports! With this eight-channel thermometer, you could easily keep tabs on two different grills simultaneously with three cuts on each, if you wanted. Monitoring up to eight probes at the same time is basically unheard of in such an affordable unit. And the unique design makes the GrillEye Max stand out from the crowd. The ability to stick it anywhere a magnet will adhere and pivot the body 360 degrees makes it highly versatile— andkeeps it out of the way. Just be sure to keep it out of sight when liquids are involved (especially a stray thundershower) because it lacks any kind of water resistance.

Traeger Digital Instant Read BBQ Thermometer

Add precision and accuracy to your barbecue with Traeger’s instant-read grill thermometer. You’ll notice that this device feels like many of the folding probe thermometers on the market today, similar in shape and design. On the face of the thermometer, there are three buttons in addition to the display, a simple on/off switch, a temperature format selector that allows you to switch between centigrade and Fahrenheit, as well as a hold button.  If you haven’t guessed already, this Traeger tool sits on the basic end, baring only the necessary functions without all the flashy extensions. If you’re looking for a to-the-point, affordable thermometer, this one may be up your alley!

Now that you’ve seen some great options, go ahead and purchase the best grill thermometer for your needs.