7 Must-Have Man Cave Products

7 Must-Have Man Cave Products

The Man Cave has been respected for centuries as one of the most coveted places on earth. It is a place of refuge, a place of peace. This is where “me time” becomes “he time”. A space to gather with a couple of buds to watch the game or an escape into solitude, away from responsibilities, and stress. Whether your Man Cave is in the garage or the basement, you will need a few key staples to pull it all together. Let us help you outfit your space with these fun and functional must-have Man Cave products.

Keep it Chilled with a Mini Fridge

First things first, where to store the 6-pack of Coors. The Midea WHS-87LSS1 has a 2.4-foot cubic capacity which can hold a 2-liter bottle, several canned drinks or bottles of water, and even your half-eaten Subway sandwich. With simple default settings, the compact fridge does exceptionally well at keeping its contents cold. Noise is no concern, as the unit operates very quietly as not to disturb your thoughts.

Shoot the Pocket with a Billiards Table

While this pool table is not at regulation standards, the Hathaway 6-Ft Pool Table is still larger than many other portable models, and great for the value. Comes with everything you’ll need for a game, including balls, two pool cues, chalk, a table brush, and racking triangle. The table isn’t incredibly heavy but is dense enough to not have to worry about bumping into it and having the whole thing topple.

Kick Back and Relax in a Gaming Recliner

Set in handsome faux leather, the Homall Gaming Recliner Chair will become your throne. Whether kicking butt on Xbox, watching movies or taking a nap, you can adjust the seat to your ideal position. You’re guaranteed to stay comfortable for longer periods of time, with a thick headrest to cushion the old noggin and built-in lumbar support for your lower back; this chair is more suitable for extended gaming because it’s bigger and softer than other recliners.

Store your Stash in a Humidor

If you indulge in the occasional Cohiba Lancero, aka one of the most flavorful Cuban cigars out there, it would be coy not to have a humidor in your Man Cave. Not only practical, but also aesthetically pleasing, the classy wooden box can hold up to twenty cigars. The Bald Eagle Humidor Cigar Box has a built-in humidifier and hygrometer which work together to maintain optimal humidity levels and keep your tobacco intact.

Hit a Bullseye with a Dart Board

Surprisingly durable, the Seydrey Dart Board Set is an all-in-one deal that comes with two sets of steel darts, several options of flights, a sharpening stone, protectors, and mounting accessories. The highly compressed sisal fibers in the board are thick and dense, helping darts stick on the first throw and reduce bounce outs. (Also creates a great sound when the darts hit the board!)

Hear Everything Crystal Clear with a Soundbar

Enjoy earth-shaking surround sound when watching your favorite action movie or bump to the deep bass of your Spotify playlists with this Bestisan Soundbar. Your TV audio experience is immediately upgraded, as this stereo system gives exceptional clarity and has three DSP modes to suit your needs. Easily connect to the TV speaker through Bluetooth or with the provided cables.

Organize your Knowledge with a Bookshelf

Calling all bibliophiles! The TRUSTUSS Industrial Pipe Metal Shelf is the ideal bookshelf for your Man Cave. With its vintage LED lightbulb and wooden planks, the piece adds an antique vibe. Assembling the shelf is a project within itself for all the DIY-ers out there, so be prepared to whip out the power drill. Once installed, the piece is super sturdy, and the planks, measuring 26 inches lengthwise, allow ample space for all those fix-it manuals and grilling guides!