5 Great Inflatable Hot Tubs

5 Great Inflatable Hot Tubs

Imagine immersing yourself in warm, soothing water to relax your muscles and joints after a long, stressful day. Get the luxurious spa treatment right in the comfort of your backyard! Hot tubs are a great way to unwind, a fun way to entertain friends and, unlike pools, you can enjoy a hot tub year-round. Inflatables are much more affordable than in-ground hot tubs and easier to install. They can be placed on grass or a solid surface such as your deck.

Here’s our roundup for outdoor inflatable hot tubs.

Bestway Helsinki AirJet

From the looks of the wood textured design, you’d think it was an above-ground hot tub! But it’s not heavy and bulky like one. That said, the Helsinki Airjet  is not flimsy either. Earning itself a 10 in the durability department, this model is made of puncture-resistant material so it can withstand any deck splinters or sharp rocks. What’s more, the L-beam wall construction adds another protective layer of sturdiness; it won’t buckle or loose shape or people sit on the edge of the tub! Give yourself 24 hours for it to reach maximum temperature (104 degrees Fahrenheit). You’ll be surprised at how hot the Helsinki AirJet remains when in use. Even people who live in colder states were impressed at the heat retention.

Intex PureSpa Plus

With 140 high-powered bubble jets emitting conditioned water that has been treated to be gentler on your skin, you’re getting complete relaxation with the Intex PureSpa Plus. (Did you know that pulsating water can increase blood supply to aching joints, ultimately reducing inflammation and relieving pain?) Set up time should take no more than 20 minutes; just inflate with the included pump and you’re ready to go. This model is prefect for four people— ideal for those “couples date nights” someone has been nagging you about! And for extra ambience, switch on the multicolored LED light to keep things fun going into the nighttime.

Coleman SaluSpa Hawaii

As the name suggests, once you step into your very own Coleman SaluSpa, you’ll feel like you’re on a tropical island. The cushioned walls and floor of the invite you away from life’s stresses and into a comfortable bubble of serenity. Hitting that 100 degree mark like most inflatable tubs do, you might even find yourself getting a better night’s sleep after an evening soak in the Coleman SaluSpa. A convenient floor valve helps quickly drain water, and two easy lift handles on the sides of the unit make it incredibly portable when you’re ready to pack it up and take it on a trip.

COSYSPA Outdoor Bubble Jacuzzi

Spacious enough to fit 6 people, the CE certifies CosySpa Jaccuzi  is a fair contender in our lineup. The hot tub is supplied with a filter cartridge, insulated top cover, inflation hose and PVC ground cloth. Upgrade with premium accessories such as additional filters or head rests if you really want the full package. You don’t have to worry about the noise of the pump overpowering your conversation and disrupting the peace, this model’s pump is rather quiet compared to others. And speaking of the pump, it is integrated within the outside wall for seamless assembly, as opposed to having it separate and in the way.

ALEKO Oval Hot Tub with Drink Tray

Sometimes you just want to focus on you. Not the kids. Not the missus. Not the dogs. Not the in-laws. Just you. And the ALEKO Oval Hot Tub is exactly what you need for a personal experience. Stretch out in the 145-gallon tub and set your beverage of choice on top of the handy drink tray that’s attached to the tub. The waterproof digital control panel sits on the edge of the unit and is accessible whether outside or inside of the tub. It features a temperature controller and buttons for heat, filter and bubbles. The entire unit weighs about 50 pounds so you don’t even need a second person to help you move it. It’s a complete one-man show.

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