5 Great Grilling Accessories

Image: Deposit Photos, timolina

5 Great Grilling Accessories

When it comes to mastering the art of cooking outdoors, having the right grilling accessories at your disposal can make all the difference between a mediocre cookout and a memorable feast. From grate cleaning brushes to tongs, basting brushes, prep trays, gloves, and beyond, these essential tools serve as the unsung heroes of the backyard culinary experience. Grilling enthusiasts understand that these accessories are not merely conveniences but rather indispensable components that streamline the cooking process, ensure food safety, and enhance flavor.

For an exceptionally clean grill, you’ll need:

Grill Grate Solution + Grill Brush

The Weber Grate Grill Cleaner stands out as an uncomplicated, yet potent solution designed to eliminate stubborn residues adhered to grills. This spray offers a safe and straightforward approach to cleaning, tailored for use on both gas and charcoal grills, effectively targeting burnt-on debris on interior grills. Coupled with the Weber 18-Inch Three-Sided Grill Brush makes for the ultimate dynamic duo. This three-sided grill brush is expertly crafted to effectively eliminate grease and gunk from cooking grates with its ergonomic handle design that ensures a firm and comfortable grip while lifting and removing stuck-on food.

For prepping and carrying ingredients, you’ll need:

Collapsible Food Prep Tub

This collapsable tub has three adjustable heights to cater to all your food prep needs. It serves as a BBQ prep station, a sturdy cutting board, and even a convenient washing basket for your produce thanks to the added drainage hole with plug. When fully expanded, this basin boasts a colossal 3 gallons (12.4 quarts) for BBQ meat prepping– It’s built for those who demand nothing less than epic storage! When not in use, simply collapse the tub to its flat state for easy storage and space-saving convenience.

For handling hot stuff, you’ll need:

Extreme Heat Grill Gloves

Now that warmer weather is starting to roll around, you’ll be breaking out the grill pretty often—but what you don’t want, is to be breaking out in heat blisters from pesky flames that kick up. Shield your hands and forearms with the BBQ Dragon Extreme Heat Grill Gloves, designed to provide exceptional protection. Engineered for durability, these elongated gloves are capable of enduring temperatures of up to 932 degrees Fahrenheit. These heavyweight, quality-sewn gloves have lots of padding for comfort and have enhanced silicone grips, to minimize the risk of dropped plates and food.

For illuminating your nighttime cooking, you’ll need:

Barbecue Grill Light

Don’t let the party stop just because the sun goes down! Featuring nine high-density LEDs, this premium barbecue light provides a super bright and glare-free beam so you can easily view your cooking area. With a powerful magnetic base and flexible gooseneck rod, you can easily mount the torch without the need for any installation tools. (As long as your grill is made of magnetic material you are fine.) The adjustable gooseneck is 4.5-inches long and can bend 360 degrees so you can project the light exactly where you need it.

For maneuvering your meat, you’ll need:

3-In-1 BBQ Tongs

Offering a harmonious balance of quality, resilience, and aesthetic appeal, the Verde 19-Inch 3-In-1 Stainless Steel Claw BBQ Tongs will be a staple in your barbecue arsenal. This versatile BBQ tong integrates the functionalities of both a turner and tongs, affording precise control during the grilling process. Its locking mechanism facilitates easy gripping, flipping, or poking of food items, enhancing user convenience. With an extended reach, it ensures the griller’s safety by keeping them at a comfortable distance from the grill’s heat while handling food.