The One-Bite Banana Cream Pie
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Courtesy of Julie Harrison, the Wolf'em Stick mom

The One-Bite Banana Cream Pie

"Grilling doesn’t have to end after your burgers, steaks and veggies are done. On your next outdoor adventure, try this tasty dessert over your camping coals or backyard grill!"

Prep & Cook Time: 3-5 minutes Serves 6


1 package of refrigerated biscuit dough

vanilla snack pack pudding

bananas, sliced

chocolate chips

vanilla wafer cookies


whipped cream

Cook biscuit cups over fire or stove using your Wolf’em Stick (Click for more instructions).

Add spoonful of pudding

Top with Vanilla Wafer cookies, chocolate chips, marshmallows, bananas and top with whipped cream.

Wolf it down!