Tex-Mex Shredded Brisket
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Courtesy of Ken & Patti Fisher

Tex-Mex Shredded Brisket

"We thought we would step away from the traditional smoked brisket you see everyone doing. We wanted to show how you can do so much more with that “Big Beef” flavor that will have everybody coming back for a second helping."

Prep Time: 30 minutes Cook Time: 6 hours @ 375° Grill: Green Mountain Wood Pellet Grill Pellets: Green Mountain’s Texas Blend BBQ Pellets


10 pounds Trimmed Brisket

Cooking oil


Tex-Mex Rub:

1 ½ cup chipotle chili powder

½ cup smoked paprika

½ cup brown sugar

½ cup black pepper

¼ cup crushed red pepper

2 tablespoons Butcher BBQ Honey Rub

2 tablespoon Cocoa

2 tablespoon garlic powder

2 tablespoons onion powder

1 tablespoon Butcher BBQ Hickory Salt

1 teaspoon coriander powder


Tex-Mex Sauce:

3 cups beef broth

3 cups orange juice

¼ cup smoked garlic (see recipe)

¼ cup chopped cilantro

¼ cup Tex-Mex Seasoning Rub

2 smoked jalapenos, seeds removed and diced

1 medium sweet onion, rough chopped

1 each medium orange, yellow and red bell pepper, rough chopped

1 Poblano pepper, rough chopped (ours was smoked)

14 ounce can crushed tomatoes with green chiles, not drained

Trim your brisket and cut into 6-inch slabs. So that you can stack them in a large Dutch oven.

Heat the oil in your Dutch oven, season the meat with your rub and brown it a few pieces at a time. When you have browned the meat stack it into your Dutch oven and cover with the sauce. You are now ready for the grill.

Preheat the grill to 375° and light your wedgie for that “Kiss of Smoke”

Place your Dutch oven onto the grill uncovered for 2 hours as most things won’t pick up much smoke flavor after that. Then, cover and continue cooking until “Fork Tender”. Your time here will vary as every cut of meat is different. Mine was ready in 4 more hours, yours may vary a bit one way or the other. The good thing is that you can’t over cook it.

You need to add more liquid to the sauce as it cooks down. Just add either broth or orange juice, as needed.

When the brisket is “Fork Tender” remove it from the Dutch oven and allow the sauce to simmer until it thickens to your liking. You’ll see that the sauce is a little chunky which is good. Or if you like a smoother sauce just run it through a blender.

When the brisket is cool enough to work with string it and add a little sauce to it.