The Shed BBQ Bacon-Lovers Pork-on-Pork Tenderloin
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Courtesy of Brooke Orrison-Lewis

The Shed BBQ Bacon-Lovers Pork-on-Pork Tenderloin

"This recipe calls for a little bacon-weaving skill and a lot of patience. But the pork-a-licious outcome is worth every ounce of waiting."

Prep: 1.5 hours Cook: 1.5–2 hours Serves: 8–10


1 6–8 pound pork tenderloin

1 shaker of The Shed Rack Attack Rib Rub

1 bottle of The Shed BBQ Southern Sweet BBQ Sauce

½ pounds boudin sausage

1.5 pounds triple cream brie cheese

2 pounds bacon

1 small jar pickled jalapenos

wax paper

4–6 toothpicks

BUTTERFLY the pork tenderloin “flat” by slicing it at an angle while rotating the loin. Your goal is to flatten the loin with consistent thickness all the way across for even cooking. You will stuff the loin and roll it tight to get a pinwheel effect.

COVER the loin generously on both sides with the rub. Let rest at room temperature.

PREPARE the boudin by removing the meat from its casing. Slice the brie into 1-inch strips. Lay wax paper on the counter and make your bacon weave (YouTube has great tutorials).

STARTING a quarter of the way into your flat butterflied loin, make a layer of boudin meat, sliced brie and pickled jalapenos over the rest of the loin. Using both hands, roll the loin tightly around the stuffing.

PLACE the rolled loin on top of one end of the bacon weave and begin rolling the weave over the stuffed loin, utilizing the wax paper to help. Remove the wax paper. Season with rub. Use toothpicks where the bacon weave meets end-to-end to secure it nicely to the loin.

PREPARE grill for indirect heat and preheat to 325–350oF. Grill loin over indirect heat (to reduce flare ups from bacon drippings) approximately 1.5 hours or until internal temperature reaches 155 oF. TIP: Do not rotate the loin until the bacon that is grill-side down has rendered and cooked down some. The goal is to rotate every 20 minutes. Times will vary.

ONCE the bacon is cooked through and crisp on all sides and the loin goal temperature is almost reached, baste with the barbecue sauce. Allow to cook another 15 minutes to marry meat and sauce. Remove from heat. Let rest 20–30 minutes. Slice and serve with additional barbecue sauce.