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Grilled Prosciutto Wrapped Scallop Skewers

Tailgater Staff
Excerpt from EVERYDAY TO ENTERTAINING by Carla Snyder and Meredith Deeds ©2011 Robert Rose Inc. www.RobertRose.ca. Reprinted with permission. All rights reserved.
"Wrapping delicate, sweet, lemony scallops in prosciutto is a wonderful way to add flavor and keep in moisture. We use this technique time and time again with all kinds of seafood and shellfish, because it’s impressive and easy. Just breeze into the kitchen, spend just a few minutes cooking, and make sure you spritz yourself with water on the way out so people think you really worked hard. These are best if made just before serving."
Start to finish: 40 minutes Hand-on time: 20 minutes Serves: 6 as an appetizer (6 skewers)


6 12-inch (30 cm) bamboo skewers soaked in water for 30 minutes

1 clove garlic minced

Olive oil

2 tablespoons lemon juice (30 mL) freshly squeezed

1/2 teaspoon salt (2mL)

12 large sea scallops

6 thin slices prosciutto sliced in half lengthwise

Preheat greased barbecue grill to medium-high.

In a medium bowl, combine garlic, 3 tablespoons (45 mL) oil, lemon juice and salt. Add scallops and toss to coat.

Wrap each scallop with 1 strip of prosciutto. Thread 2 scallops on each skewer and brush with additional oil. Grill scallops about 5 inches (12.5 cm) above heat for 3 to 4 minutes per side or until just cooked through and prosciutto is slightly crispy.

Alternatively, lightly brush scallops with additional oil and grill in a hot well-seasoned ridged grill pan, covered, over medium-high heat, 3 to 4 minutes per side or until cooked through and prosciutto is slightly crispy.