Crab-stuffed Grilled Mushrooms
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Courtesy of Michael Zak

Crab-stuffed Grilled Mushrooms

Makes: 48


48 large mushrooms, hollowed out

2 teaspoons mustard powder

1 teaspoon paprika

2 eggs

3 cups jumbo lump crab meat, fresh

1 cup Panko (approximate)

2 cups butter

PRE-GAME PREP: Store hollowed-out mushrooms in plastic bag in refrigerator. Mix mustard powder, paprika, eggs and crab meat in a bowl and store in refrigerator overnight. 

GAME DAY: Add enough panko to crab mixture to hold it together firmly and then pack into mushrooms. Place stuffed mushrooms on cookie sheet or foil on grill over medium to medium high heat. Melt butter and pour over stuffed mushrooms. Cook about five to ten minutes, until mushrooms are tender and filling is warm.