Chef Barry’s Roasted Rosemary Baby Tators
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Recipe and photo courtesy of Barry “CB” Martin

Chef Barry’s Roasted Rosemary Baby Tators

"impress your tailgate or homegate party guests with these potatoes! Perfect side item to include on your next tailgate menu!"

2 lbs. new potatoes, red or white, Yukon Gold will do if they are small (about the size of an extra-large hen’s egg)

4–5 large sprigs of fresh rosemary, about 8-10 inches long

olive oil

kosher salt and fresh ground pepper

DAY BEFORE: Parboil the potatoes in boiling water until “just before” fork tender. Remove from boiling water and cool down under running water or in an ice water lunge—just stop the cooking! When potatoes have cooled use an old-fashioned potato peeler and insert into the long end of the potato until the tip emerges from the opposite end—keeping the blade centered—and twist to create a core. When you remove the peeler the core will come with it. Repeat until all the potatoes are cored. (NOTE: The tenderness of the core will tell you how done the potatoes are. If it’s pretty firm you know how much more you need to cook; if it’s tender with just a touch of “tooth” then you know it’s just a warm-up on the grill later.) If the cores are tender, I like to salt and pepper them and enjoy a little snack. 

THREAD as many potatoes as you can onto a stem of rosemary, leaving about ¼ inch between—use scissors to cut the rosemary between the potatoes and place the stuffed potatoes into a zip-lock bag with salt, pepper and olive oil to coat. Toss in the cooler until game day. 

DAY OF GAME: Remove potatoes from zip-lock bag and place on the hot grates of the grill. Turn and rotate as needed to develop grill marks. If necessary to complete cooking, place on warming rack above direct heat and roast until fork tender. Serve with more salt and pepper.