Big Tex Tailgating Frito Pie
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Photo and recipe courtesy of Chef Jason Dady

Big Tex Tailgating Frito Pie

Serves: 30


12 pounds chopped beef brisket, cooked/smoked (15 pounds whole brisket)

kosher salt and black pepper, as needed

64 ounces barbecue sauce

8 10.25-ounce bags of Frito Corn Chips, Original Flavor (or Flamin’ Hot or Cheddar Cheese flavored) 



3 pounds shredded cheddar cheese

3 pounds cherry tomatoes, halved

1 pound jalapeño peppers, diced

1 pound scallions, chopped

1 pound red onion, small diced

6 cilantro bunches

64 ounces sour cream

32 ounces barbecue sauce

FOR CHOPPED BEEF, stop by your favorite barbecue joint and buy a whole brisket, or smoke your own. Using a large chef knife, chop beef into very small pieces and add to the 64-ounces of barbecue sauce. Season as needed with salt and pepper. Set aside.

TO SERVE, heat chopped beef in large pan. Using a large 48-inch paella pan, open all bags of Fritos and cover the bottom of the pan. It should be at least 2 inches deep of Fritos, across the entire pan. Add the hot chopped beef, in the center of the Fritos and spread across the entire pan.

GARNISH next with cheese, tomato, jalapeño, scallions and red onion. Chop the cilantro and sprinkle on top. Using a large spoon, place large dollops of sour cream randomly around the Frito pie.

TO FINISH, drizzle with remaining 32-ounces of barbecue sauce and have the most epic tailgate of all time.