BBQ Bob’s Apple Peach Spare Ribs
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Courtesy of BBQ Guru,

BBQ Bob’s Apple Peach Spare Ribs

"Sweeten up the next tailgate or backyard barbecue with BBQ Bob's Apple Peach Spare Ribs. They'll be a crowd pleaser at your next cookout!"

Ribs Ingredients

2 racks of St. Louis cut spare ribs

2 oz BBQ Bob’s Alpha Rub

Spray canola oil


Foil Pouch Ingredients

2 pads of salted butter

2 oz. honey

2 oz. of apple juice

Sprinkle of BBQ Bob’s Alpha Rub

Heavy-duty aluminum foil


Apple Peach Rib Glaze

1 cup BBQ Bob’s Peaches and Brown Sugar BBQ sauce

½ cup BBQ Bob’s Apple Vinegar sauce

4 oz. salted butter

  1. Set up your charcoal grill or smoker indirect at 275°F.
  2. Use 2 chunks of apple wood for smoke.
  3. Remove membrane from back of ribs and trim off any excess fat.
  4. Spray canola oil on both sides of ribs then dust with BBQ Bob’s Alpha Rub (1 hour before cooking).
  5. Place ribs in your cooker meat side up or if you are using Rib Rings® by BBQ Guru place the uncut side of the ribs facing up and around in your Rib Rings®.
  6. Cook ribs for 3 hours at 275°F.
  7. Prepare individually cut foil pouches using heavy-duty aluminum foil and the ingredients listed above.
  8. Carefully remove each rib rack and lay them meat side down on the individual pieces of foil to wrap them and then place them back in the cooker.
  9. Cook for an additional 1 to 1.5 hours at 275°F or until ribs are tender enough to push a toothpick through the meat with no resistance.
  10. Carefully pick up the racks again and remove the pouches.
  11. Brush the Apple Peach glaze on both sides of the rack allowing the sauce to set on the ribs and then place them back on the cooker meat side up for about 5-7 minutes.
  12. Remove from heat and let cool for 10 minutes.
  13. Slice the ribs and serve with your favorite sides.