Bad Boyz Grilled Oysters
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Courtesy of Bad Boyz of BBQ Catering; Image: Creative Commons, Justin Marx, flickr

Bad Boyz Grilled Oysters

"We grill 240 oysters at every Raiders game. We put them right on the grill itself, and they’re usually done within 10 minutes."

Serves: 6–8


24 oysters

1 stick butter

1 heaping tablespoon garlic, minced

Tabasco Sweet & Spicy Sauce, for drizzling

24 bamboo skewers

Fire up your grill to medium heat. Place the closed, fresh (the fresher, the better) oysters on the grates with the deep side of the shell down, so they stew in their own water and juice. Let them steam that way until they open, about 10 minutes. While they cook, melt the butter in a large pan and stir in the minced garlic. Keep warm.

Remove the oysters when they open slightly. Use a heat-resistant glove or hot pad to hold the hot shells while opening them fully with an oyster knife.

Remove the meat and drop it into the warm garlic butter. Let tailgaters use bamboo skewers to spear each oyster meat and drizzle with the Tabasco sauce, then enjoy.