Buzzbox Premium Cocktails
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Buzzbox Premium Cocktails

Jump into Summer with buzzbox premium cocktails! They go where you go – to the beach, the park, the game, or just hanging out with friends – now you can do it all with a great cocktail.

Buzzbox premium cocktails are ready-to-drink cocktails that are perfect for any outdoor or indoor setting.  All natural, premium spirits and it’s all in a recycleable, eco-friendly package!  Toss them in your ice chest, chill & enjoy!  And you can drink them straight from the box with the attached straw or pop the top and pour over ice…your choice…Box or Rocks!

Buzzbox premium cocktails are specially packaged in a recyclable, green and energy efficient design that can be easily stored un-refrigerated for up to 18 months, making it easy and convenient for tailgating, backyard parties and just great entertaining. And you can put them in your cooler and, if there are any leftovers (probably not) you can put them on a shelf in your garage until your ready to reload your cooler for the next event!  buzzbox is the world’s first and finest eco-friendly premium cocktail and we know, once you try them, you’ll be a fan for life! Chill, Shake and Enjoy!

                                                   Your Summer Line-Up!