5 Exotic Kinds of Jerky
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5 Exotic Kinds of Jerky

Your next tailgate needs a culinary game changer, and unique jerky cuts are the perfect item for you. For too long, game-day snacks and spreads have remained unchanged, and your guests unconsciously want something new. Check out these five exotic kinds of jerky that you should try at your next game-day gathering.


If your New Year’s resolution is to cut out unhealthy food, but you still want to snack on delicious meat, ostrich is the cut! Our larger feathered friends have meat that’s low in carbs and fats and full of healthy proteins. Internationally, it’s known as the highest-quality red meat, and its consistency is very similar to beef. The taste is very smoky with a dash of tang without being overwhelmingly gamey.


Alligator meat isn’t for everyone—while some believe gator tastes like chicken, others find the robustness too overpowering. Consider trying it in jerky form if you’re on the fence about digging into some gator. Alligator jerky is much tamer but still full of savory flavor. Its low fat, low-calorie nature makes for a great game-day snack, especially when paired with Cajun seasoning.


For a sweeter jerky, opt for camel meat, which tastes similar to lean beef or lamb. You want quality camels to ensure a rich flavor and avoid chewy texture. As you may have guessed, the hump is where the best cut of meat comes from. In northern Africa, such as Morocco, this meal is a delicacy worth trying at least once in your life. It’s the perfect snack for any tailgate because it won’t leave you with greasy fingers or a nasty case of heartburn.


It’s no secret that big game meat is a highly nutritional, delicious meal. In jerky form, it’s even better! Like other types on this list, elk is far healthier than beef, featuring a lesser amount of fat. Plus, this woodland critter has tons of B6, riboflavin, and thiamin vitamins. Consider a delicious spicy jerky that adds more complexity and flavor for an extra spin on your game-day spread.


We all wish we could burn calories while eating meat and relaxing during a game, and kangaroo jerky makes that dream a reality. These expert hoppers have thermogenic meat, so our bodies work much harder to burn it off, meaning your muscles get excellent exercise while doing nothing! For kangaroo jerky, it’s best to go with quality over quantity since this snack is quite filling.

Ultimately, these five exotic kinds of jerky that you should try are up to personal preference. Consider creating a spread of different kinds to encourage snacking amongst your tailgating guests. With quality jerky in hand, your gathering will be a smashing success.