5 Easy Cocktail Recipes for the Student Party
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5 Easy Cocktail Recipes for the Student Party

Want to make your next student party memorable? Here are some easy cocktail recipes that will set your event apart from the rest. As the music blasts through the speakers, you need to start a conversation by holding a nice-looking cocktail in your hand. If you would like to have some great drinks for your party, but aren’t sure where to start, here are five great ones to consider.

1. Passion Fruit Martini Cocktail

What you need for this classic cocktail are two ripe passion fruits that must be separated into two parts. Put the passion fruit seeds into a shaker then add two ounces of vodka, one ounce of Passoa, some lime juice, and a teaspoon of sugary syrup. Add ice and shake.  Since we have half of the passion fruit left, it should be added to the cup! It’s a great, refreshing cocktail that will help you relax! Make sure to finish your homework duties first by checking the helpful paper writing service review and getting your timely help, so you can party without thinking back about your studies all the time!

2. White Sangria Cocktail

You will need two bottles of white wine, about 10 ounces of ginger wine, four lime slices, three peaches or apricots sliced, several raspberries, ice, and 1 quart of sparkling water. Place all these ingredients (minus the ice) in two large jars and let them stay in the fridge for about one hour. As you serve it, add ice and water!

3. Summer Cup Cocktail

Although they define them as mocktails, this one is even better tasting! You need a thick slice of cucumber, one sprig of mint, frozen red berries, and about four ounces of sparkling lemonade. Chop the cucumber and mint into small pieces, add seven ounces of water, and boil for about 2 minutes. Then add frozen berries and crush them with the spoon. Keep the mixture for about 22-24 hours in the fridge. Mix with lemonade!

4. Pink Gin Iced Tea Cocktail

To make this great cocktail, we shall require about three ounces of pink gin, about three ounces of spiced rum, one chamomile tea bag, and three ounces of pink grapefruit juice. Start by brewing the chamomile tea bag in boiling water, then steep it for about four minutes. Let it cool for about five minutes. Add the pink gin, rum, and juice to the mix. Make sure to stir it well before you serve and add some ice. Speaking of the must-have drinks, it is one of the options that can introduce some variety since you can choose any other type of tea like Hibiscus tea that will add the beautiful taste of autumn!

5. Banana Daiquiri Cocktail

You will need to peel a banana, of course! Next, add 1.5 ounces of white rum or choose banana liqueur instead. Add half an ounce of lemon or lime juice, depending on what you have. Do not forget to add slices of banana to the mix and use cocktail cherries as you serve it. Start with the white rum or banana liqueur as you add lime juice, banana, and ice to the blender that can cope with the ice. Make it smooth! Garnish the mixture with slices of banana and lime!

Alcohol or Non-Alcohol Cocktails

The most efficient solution is to offer both, as some people will prefer to drink juices or a mixture of cocktails that contain the basic fruit ingredients. Offering something for everyone shows that you have thought about all types of people. It showcases your attitude and can help make any party safe. Dealing with alcohol-based cocktails, make sure that you organize the logistics part as well, and never let your friends drive even if they drink that mild cocktail. Safety should always come first! Remember about the safe proportions for the drinks and add some snacks to the table to decrease the negative effect of alcohol-based cocktails to a certain degree.