Unique Ideas for the Perfect Man Cave
Expert Advice

The man cave—it’s the perfect haven from the daily grind, the best place to spend an evening with the guys, and the only place better for watching the big game than the stands. More than any other room in your home, this is a space you will want to make completely your own. If you want a room that stands out, here are some unique ideas for the perfect man cave.

Pick a Theme

Although the most traditional theme for a man cave is sports, that doesn’t mean you have to decorate it that way. Are you a fan of hunting? Create a woodsman’s hunting lodge. Love gaming? Create a gamer’s paradise. You can even turn back the clock a hundred years or so to when man caves looked like high society gentlemen’s clubs or speakeasies.

But a theme doesn’t have to be gimmicky, either. You can always choose to focus on a texture, pattern, or color scheme that embodies you. Highlight industrial metals, wood, or stone, or paint the room with the colors of your favorite sport’s team. The goal of the theme is to make your man cave feel like it’s a special place you’ve set aside, different from anywhere else in the house.

Turn Passions Into Décor

Anything you can fit into a picture frame can be an art piece. If you have a signed jersey, collector’s vinyl, or limited-edition comic book, try framing it. You now have an item that you won’t find anywhere else. But why stop at things that fit in picture frames? You can mount almost anything to the wall or display it from a shelf: your favorite guitar, surfboards, movie memorabilia. Turn your passions into décor to create a space that is 100 percent your own.


Upcycling is more than a way to breathe life into old furniture. It’s a way to create some truly unique additions to your man cave. There are a hundred things you can turn into a bar stool, from old beer kegs to old dartboards to bicycle seats. Drums, old license plates, basketball hoops, or beer bottles can become unique light fixtures or clocks. If you really want to get ambitious, you can take the side of an old, scrapped car and turn it into a table, bar, or couch.

Decorate the Walls with Luxury Canvas Prints

The walls are a key aspect of any great man cave. This is because a man cave with bare walls lacks character. However, if you just put any piece of art on your wall, it will look like any storage room or basement. If you’re going to put any object on the wall, make it count.

A great option is to use customized canvas prints to cover your bare walls. That way, you can customize the overall feel of your man cave. Just make sure that you have an overall concept to follow. You don’t want your man cave design to be all over the place.

Turn up the Tech

No man cave is complete without technology, and this goes beyond the TV and surround-sound. If you want ready access to cold drinks without having to wait for a commercial break, you’ll want a minifridge. Massage chairs bring a little touch of luxury and relaxation to the space—and help you relax after a fourth quarter that cut it just a little too close. And for the time you aren’t actively watching a game, other entertainment tech is a must. Hook up your gaming systems, set up your streaming services, or go retro with some old-school arcade games.