Trendy Winter Clothing That Keeps You Warm
Expert Advice

Getting together with friends for a tailgate in cold weather is possible with the right outfit. Check out the trendy winter clothing options that keep you warm. Just because the weather has turned frightful doesn’t mean you can’t host a tailgate with friends that’s delightful. Christmas puns aside, hosting an outside gathering for a big game or special occasion is entirely possible thanks to cold-resistant clothing and gear. However, your wardrobe can be as stylish as it is functional. Check out this list of trendy winter clothing that keeps you warm and looking good.

Stylish Boots

Warm feet equal coziness and comfort, and the best way to keep your toes protected is with a solid pair of boots. However, most winter boots are clunky and not fashionable by any means. Luckily there are many cuts and styles of boots that are functional against the cold and catch the eyes of others.

For starters, Chelsea boots are very popular right now for their simple design and comfy fit. Moc Toe shoes offer a stylish look with the functionality of a well-griped hiking boot. Try a chukka or wingtip boot, which are both very classy for slightly warmer days.

Insulated Corduroy and Flannel Jackets

While a standard puffy coat or vest works wonders against the elements, they’re not the most eye-catching clothing items. Rugged patterns and materials make for a trendier outfit, and insulated items offer excellent protection from the cold. If you’re looking for a modern cowboy look, opt for corduroy or flannel jackets that are fleece-lined and insulated.

These patterns and materials embrace the free, Americana style and work great for letting you stay outside all day. Additionally, they’re easily dressed up or down, making them perfect for any kind of outdoor event. Ultimately, ensure you have the right outerwear for you and your environment.

Sports-Branded Accessories

One of America’s national pastimes is getting together with friends and family to grill up some hotdogs at a tailgate before a big game. Unfortunately, most team-affiliated gear, like football jerseys, offer little protection from cold weather.

Seek out beanies, gloves, and scarves that subtly match your favorite team. This can be an item that shares the same color, or even products that feature team logos. It’s a minor way to stay warm while subtly supporting your club.

There’s a wide selection of trendy winter clothing that keeps you warm at the tailgate or family get-together. Find the perfect combination of functionality and style and enjoy long hours outside, no matter the season.