Tips for Planning the Perfect Baseball Tailgate
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Image: Cal Sport Media, Alamy Stock Photo

A baseball game might last three hours with no excitement. But these tips for planning the perfect baseball tailgate promise everyone hours of entertainment.

Going to a baseball game in the summer is only a small part of the fun. A summer tailgate is when you make memories that can last a lifetime. Using these tips for planning the perfect baseball tailgate guarantees a home run.

Follow the Rules and Get There Early

Regardless of what stadium you visit, they will have rules and regulations you must follow. Some stadiums may have alcohol restrictions, while others might ban tailgating altogether. If you are a visiting fan coming to an away ballpark, check to see what you can and cannot do. Assuming everything checks out, arrive at the lot as early as possible. There’s no reason to wait to get the party started. You’ll want to guarantee yourself the best available spot and set up shop.

Don’t Forget the Games

What good is a tailgate if there isn’t some fun and games to play? While it would be fun to grab a baseball bat and some balls to get a game going, sadly, that can’t happen. Instead, opt for the classic tailgating options like bags (cornhole depending on where you live), Spikeball, or the multitude of drinking games. Also, don’t forget to bring some family-friendly games if children come along for the ride.

Prep As Much as You Can the Night Before

While a couple of hours may seem like plenty of time to have everyone fed and happy before the game begins, it will fly by while you’re attempting to prepare the grill and socialize. As a result, strive to prepare before arriving at the stadium as much as possible. You should chop vegetables, prepare side dishes, marinate meat, or pre-make cocktails at home. Prepping allows you to enjoy the tailgate instead of worrying about the food and beverages.

Plan for the Worst

You never know what might happen when you’re at the stadium, and not planning for the worst can cause severe issues. For example, a parking lot full of patrons trying to use the restroom can quickly turn into a disaster. The last thing you want to do is need to do your business, and there isn’t any toilet paper. Hence, bring a roll with you into the porta-potty.

Another thing beyond your control would be the weather, especially if you planned the tailgate months ago. Bringing a tent, umbrella, or canopy works for various reasons. Firstly, it can block the sun if it’s beaming on your back. Secondly, isolated thunderstorms in the summer are common, and they can wreak havoc on your party. It’s one thing if you are getting drenched, but you must protect the food at all costs!

Pick the Best Game on the Schedule

The most crucial aspect of having the best tailgate is going to a game worth watching. A random May baseball game against the last-place team doesn’t have the same allure as an Independence Day weekend against a rival. Scope out the schedule and find the best game that will entice everyone to join you.

Following these tips for planning the perfect baseball tailgate ensures that everyone will have a great time at the old ballpark. Hopefully, your team comes out a winner, but at least you’ll have the time of your life if they don’t.