Tailgate Party Gear: Don’t Come Unprepared
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For sports fans, pulling into the parking lot of their favorite team on game day is just the beginning of something truly special. As you make your way to your spot, you pass your fellow fans tossing around a pigskin, savoring food and drink. A football tailgater brings together all walks of life to celebrate the home team while spending quality time with family and friends.

Coming prepared with the right tailgate gear makes it easy to make the most of these joyous celebrations. While the Coronavirus has certainly limited tailgating opportunities this year, watching the game with a few friends for a homegating party provides the same opportunity to use these products. Here’s our shortlist of the must-have gear for your next homegate party.


If you’re looking for the best tailgate gear, you probably like to pregame with more than just one drink. Loading up a YETI cooler with your favorite brews ensures that the last one will be as refreshingly cold as the first. These coolers are so efficient that any drinks you don’t finish will still be cold when you get home. So you’ll have a cold one ready to unwind after the long day, if you don’t finish them all at the tailgate party.  The cooler also allows you to safely transport hot dogs, burgers, or even the ingredients for a mouth-watering smoked apple crisp.


According to (man) law, every tailgate party must have meat. Although charcoal grilling has its fans, a portable propane model makes cooking and cleaning so much easier. And the Bo Jackson Signature Grill is  one of the best when it comes to portable propane grills.

Compatible with both 20 lb. tanks and smaller disposable ones, this grill pumps out up to 20,000 BTUs and can reach 700 degrees. Its ceramic heat grid evenly distributes the heat, eliminating hot and cold spots for consistent cooking. And with 200 square inches of cooking area, it provides more than enough room to cook for the whole crew at once. So, you can get back to perfecting your celebration dance in no time.

Portable Bluetooth Speaker

Whether you’re tuning into the pregame show or firing up the crowd with some good ol’ rock ‘n’ roll, a Bluetooth speaker is an essential piece of tailgating gear. There are several to choose from that will offer the perfect combination of quality, clarity, and unique features to make it your favorite speaker for a tailgate party.

Most offer an extended battery life – up to 12 hours – and some can crank it to 160 watts of power or more. You’ll pull in fellow fans from near and far, right up until kickoff. A lot of models have inputs for a mic or a guitar, so you can treat your friends to live music as the clock ticks down to the big game. Some speakers offer a variety of RGB light patterns that are perfect for tailgate parties at night games.

Water Bottle, Mug or Tumbler

With college football games starting as early as 11 am, you might be up at the crack of dawn to make it to the stadium in time for a proper tailgate party. Fill a mug with some coffee for a pick me up that will stay hot for hours. For later games, a water bottle or tumbler is perfect for something a little stronger than a cup of joe.  If cans are more your speed, grab a Colster (can holster) to keep your drink cold and your hands warm and dry while you imbibe.

The Right Tailgate Gear Makes Every Game Day a Holiday

Before the gates even open, the tailgate party in the parking lot fills the air with excitement. Footballs fly between rows of cars to the soundtrack of fight songs and cheers. And while the game to come will have a definitive winner and loser, with the right tailgate gear, the tailgate party can’t lose.

So, grab an insulated cup for your drink of choice and a cooler for the food and drinks on deck. Bring the grill to cook up the grub and crank up (or belt out) the tunes with the Bluetooth speaker. With tailgate gear this great, you’ll be every friend’s first call whenever they score an extra ticket. So, gear up today to get ready for another amazing year!