Super Bowl Party Mistakes To Avoid This Year
Expert Advice

The Super Bowl is just around the corner, and that means it’s time to throw your watching parties. Here are some Super Bowl party mistakes to avoid this year.

The Super Bowl is the event of the year. People like to gather around for Christmas or Thanksgiving, but these gatherings can’t hold a candle to a well-organized Super Bowl party. These parties have it all—your friends, games, a big screen for the game itself, and lots of food and drinks. There’s plenty to take care of, which means there is a lot that can go wrong. Read on to learn about the Super Bowl party mistakes to avoid this year.

Not Giving the Game Enough Attention

A Super Bowl should be about having fun and watching the game, not regaling your guests with stories about your high school glory days. When planning your party, make sure that everything revolves around the game. Start by keeping the food in a separate area so that people getting up to make plates won’t block the view of the game. In addition to the food, keep the volume of the game loud, and don’t be afraid to call out people for talking too much. Everyone can be excited about the game, but if their conversations distract too much from the game, tell them! It may be awkward for a moment, but everyone will certainly appreciate it!

Have a Designated Space

If possible, you must create a designated space for your party. Having a man cave or a den will be perfect for a party like this, and if you want the perfect den for Super Bowl parties, you’ll need a luxury home. Additionally, being able to create this space is one reason you should build a luxury home rather than renovate it. More people are incorporating rooms like this into their designs to have a perfect space for movie nights, Super Bowl parties, or anything in between!

Everyone can let their inner sports fan loose when you have a designated space. No need to worry about cheering too loud—with a designated space, you’re free to make noise for every touchdown, interception, or bad call.

Not Having Enough Food and Drinks

The game is a huge portion of every Super Bowl party, but that’s not the only thing happening that people are excited about. Everyone wants to get their hands on delicious food and drinks, eating until they need to loosen their belts or unbutton their pants. Going potluck-style is an excellent way to bring a lot of different food, but you should have some extra items as the host. Some food and drink staple items you need to offer include:

  • Chips
  • Dips
  • Sodas
  • Beer
  • Pizza

Get more than you think you need. If your guests don’t eat it all, they can leave with a to-go plate to ensure your fridge doesn’t end up full.

Make sure that you avoid these mistakes when you’re throwing your Super Bowl party this year! They won’t ruin your party, but they can certainly put a damper on things. Avoid these mistakes, and your party will be the one that keeps everyone talking until next year’s Super Bowl!