Set Up the Perfect Tailgating Spot at Home
Expert Advice

Football season is in full swing and now is a great time to set up the perfect tailgating spot at home without having to worry about the hassles of traffic, parking, and overpriced concessions.  We call it homegating!

Celebrating sports together with friends and loved ones is always a fun and memorable time. Seeing your favorite team succeed while enjoying yourself with others provides an escape from the stressors of life while having an absolute blast. However, the cost and travel time of watching your team play in person can hinder the fun. Therefore, tailgating is an excellent option for you and your favorite fellow sports enthusiasts. Still, tailgating at the stadium can also cause some stress if you come unprepared, so consider simply hosting a homegating party at your house. Here are some tips on how to setup the perfect homegate party.

Keep Your Décor Simple

Decorating for your party shouldn’t cause stress. Set up the perfect spot at home by keeping things simple. The goal of decorating is to make the event feel like an authentic football party—use your living room, backyard, or both. You can always go big with balloons, banners, and confetti to home in on the spirit of sportsmanship.

On the opposite end, you can focus more on what you provide for your guests. Luckily, you can always count on a correctly sized area rug to catch any spills or dirt that people might track throughout your home. Be sure to provide adequate airflow in the home so that guests can remain healthy and safe.

Offer Easy and Tasty Foods

One of the best parts about a tailgating party is enjoying the delicious foods and beverages. Nothing beats eating a charcoal-grilled burger paired with an ice-cold drink. Barbecue is one of the most significant parts of a party—not to mention the snacks and desserts!

You can go as small or large as you want when it comes to satisfying your hungry friends. Have a little fun with your food and drink budget by offering multiple entrées and beverages for all ages. You can always stick with burgers with chips and dip for the kids—it’ll keep their energy up to play while the adults watch the game.

Play Fun Games and Good Music

One of the most fun parts of a homegate party is playing games during commercial time. There are so many games to choose from, and they’ll appease those who have some built-up competitive spirit. Get your hands on a few games such as:

  • Horseshoes
  • Cornhole toss
  • Lawn bowling
  • Ladder ball
  • Lawn darts
  • Beer or water pong

These are some tried-and-true staples of any party, and they can keep your guests busy during downtime. So, get your game face on and have a little fun with your friends. You can take it up a few notches and place bets on the winner. Adding music in the background also gives the party more energy and opportunities for people to dance the day away.

Celebrating your favorite team with good sportsmanship is essential. It’s a great way to spend time with loved ones and to kick off the new season. So, get out the barbecue and horseshoes—it’s going to be a fun day.