Protecting Your Vehicle’s Paint During Tailgating Season

Protecting Your Vehicle’s Paint During Tailgating Season
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It’s officially football tailgating season! But before you bring your ride out to the tailgate, you might want to consider protecting your vehicle’s paint and giving it that perfect shine to show off to your buddies.

Hand Car Washes

You may be thinking about all the different types of sealants and coatings you can apply to your vehicle to protect the paint. Those are definitely important, but the first step is to hand wash, then dry your car before applying sealants. When you apply wax or sealants without getting all the dirt off your car, it will trap the dirt, and it will stay on the paint. The best way to ensure your ride is primed and ready for coatings is to wash it first, then take the necessary steps to seal in your vehicle’s paint job. A good-looking ride sets the stage for some great tailgating grub and tasty brews.


Waxing your car will get rid of any small imperfections and shine the surface. Wax is a great tool that won’t wash away from water and can withstand high heat. By minimizing any surface scratches and smoothing the paint job, your car will have a bright and sleek look that’s ready for tailgating! Wax goes a long way toward repelling any food or drink stains caused by overzealous sports fans.


Sealant is a strong, synthetic product that can last on your vehicle from three to six months. It works to not only bring a glossy shine to your car but will also protect the paint from UV rays and any chemicals that may touch the surface.

Ceramic Coating

Ceramic coating is another type of synthetic product that elevates your vehicle’s exterior shine. Applying a ceramic coating to your car is a smart way to protect the paint of your vehicle from dirt and debris; UV rays cause paint to fade over time, and ceramic coatings will protect the paint from oxidizing. When your buddies are fighting over what condiments to put on a hot dog, you’ll know your paint job is safe from the occasional scuffle or blob of ketchup.

Before you set your vehicle up at your tailgate spot, you want to bring your car to its glory days and shine up the paint job. Remember to consider what you need for protecting your vehicle’s paint this tailgating season.