Prepare Your Outdoor Space for Parties
Expert Advice

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While spring is starting a slow crawl through most northern states, southern states are already getting warmer weather that will make hosting outdoor home-gates that much easier in the coming weeks. Even if you’re too far north to start planning a party right now, here are some helpful tips on how to make your outdoor space more comfortable for whenever you host your next home-gate party.

Shady Spots

Just because everyone is excited to be outside again doesn’t mean they want to be in the sun for hours as they mingle and eat before the game or race. Imagine how hot it could get standing over the grill in direct sunlight, too. Your outdoor space needs shade, whether it’s an umbrella, an awning, or a tent in the yard.

Mosquito Repellent

No one wants to swat mosquitos away as they try to enjoy their burger or beer. But keeping up with bug spray distracts from the fun and can really stink—not to mention it’s flammable, so you don’t want that anywhere near your grill. Go for natural citronella candles instead. They’ll not only create a barrier of protection around your entire outdoor space, but they smell good, too.

Lighting Options

Nothing is more exciting than overtime! But it’ll be a lot less exciting if your guests can’t find the cooler to get another drink or trip on the stairs trying to get inside for the bathroom. While the citronella candles will help with light, lanterns, string lights, or a fire pit will help make sure everyone can see no matter where they are in your space.

Comfortable Seating

There’s a reason your guests are at a home-gate, not playing the sport themselves. They don’t want to stand the whole game, so you need to have plenty of seating options. If you know you don’t have enough seats for everyone, tell your guests ahead of time that it’s BYOC—bring your own chair. And if you’ve managed to avoid all that spring rain for long enough that your lawn is dry, having towels to sit on is a good idea too. Again, you can either provide them or have guests bring their own.

Whether you’ll be hosting a home-gate in the next few weeks or you’re waiting for better weather, these are some great ways to prepare your outdoor space for your next sports party. These are plenty of other options to make your outdoor space more comfortable, but these ideas will get you started as we get into spring.