Prepare Your Grass for the First Mow of the Season
Expert Advice

When the winter comes to an end, the frost begins to thaw, and the dormant colors of winter become vibrant. A lush, green carpet of grass is more than the backdrop to your home; it reflects your care for nature in your living space. Getting your lawn in great condition requires the right tools and techniques.

The first mow of the season is important for all your upcoming backyard BBQ parties! These tips will help you prepare your grass for the first mow of the season so that it remains vibrant and lush throughout the sunny months ahead.

Prep Work

Prepping your grass includes eliminating the dead top layer, known as thatch. It acts as a barrier, impeding the absorption of water, nutrients, and sunlight. By removing thatch, you help the grass consume the resources it needs to grow lush and healthy.

Check the Grass Length

Before mowing, you’ll need to check the length of your grass. This is particularly important for the first cut of the season. Grass length affects the aesthetic appearance and vitality of your lawn. The one-third rule states that you should never remove more than a third of the grass blade length at a time.

Assess Your Lawn

Begin by walking around and carefully inspecting each area of your yard. Keep an eye out for patches of discolored grass, which could indicate disease or pest infestation. Look for debris hiding in the grass, such as branches, stones, and even your children’s toys, as they can cause lawn mower tire damage. Removing such obstacles protects your mower and ensures a clean cut.

Sharp Blades Are Essential

The health, appearance, and resilience of your lawn depend on the condition of your mower’s blades. Dull blades don’t cut the grass; instead, they tear it, leaving jagged edges. Rough, torn edges increase the grass’s susceptibility to pests and diseases because the plant cannot heal.

The Right Time to Mow

Choosing the right time to mow your lawn is just as important as the preparation. The ideal time for mowing is when the grass is dry and the dew has evaporated, typically late in the morning. A dry lawn ensures cleaner cuts since wet grass is flexible and might not be cleanly sliced by the mower blades.

Preparing your grass for the first mow of the season can make the difference between a mediocre lawn and a magnificent one. By following these steps, you can ensure that your lawn is full of life and ready to host your upcoming backyard BBQs!