Must-Have Pool Party Items
Expert Advice

It’s summertime and nothing compares to a fun pool party. You can put a spin on a classic tailgate by gathering friends and family to watch the game poolside. However, before you send out the invitations, make sure you have all the must-have pool party items to help your guests enjoy the event!

Pool Floats

What’s a pool party without floats? Decorate your pool with plenty of vibrant floats for your guests to enjoy. You can decorate the pool with inflatable duck, flamingo, giraffe, and unicorn floats. Provide beach balls and foam noodles for extra entertainment. Pool floats are photo-friendly and great for lounging. People can watch the game or chat with guests in a comfy seat.

Water Games

Of course, you and your guests can watch the game at your pool party; however, healthy competition is fun, too. You need water games to help your guests have a good time. The best part is that water games are inexpensive! In fact, Splash Hoop and Pool Ring Toss are affordable pool toys you need in 2023. The activities are fun for people of all ages.

Floating Coolers

Cold beverages are a pool party essential. But guests don’t want to leave the pool to retrieve a drink. So, bring the beverages to your guests in a floating cooler! The coolers have foam rims that float in the water while carrying drinks and cold snacks. You can have two coolers—one for alcoholic beverages and one for soda, water, and other drinks.


Although pool parties are all about fun in the sun, guests may need a break from the sun’s rays. Provide umbrellas or canopies for guests to lounge in the shade. In addition, umbrellas protect food from direct sunlight. After all, no one wants melted ice cream or lukewarm salad.


Many people bring their own towels to pool parties. However, it’s important to keep extras on hand at your event. Towels are must-have pool party items to help guests dry off. No one wants to shiver after leaving a pool, nor do they want to sweat in hot weather. Towels are also ideal for lounging. Guests can relax around the pool on comfy towels or use them as swimsuit coverups.


Ideally, everyone should wear sunscreen. However, many people forget to pack it in their beach/pool bag. Set up a sunscreen station at your pool party. Offer water-resistant SPF and remind guests to reapply sunscreen throughout the party. Don’t let a sunburn ruin your plans!