How to Maximize Kitchen Space
Expert Advice

Photo by roam in color on Unsplash

Who doesn’t want a huge kitchen outfitted with a walk-in pantry, generous space for appliances, and enough storage to spare for seasonal decor? But alas, most of us only have tiny or medium-sized kitchens that can barely hold our essentials and perhaps a few extras. If building a kitchen extension is not an option in your household, you’re left with maximizing your kitchen space the best way you can.

So how exactly do you accomplish this? The most effective way to maximize kitchen space is to use different types of organizing solutions to keep items in their proper place. This will create a more comfortable and inviting kitchen area. Here are some clever storage ideas that will make the most compact kitchens look and feel bigger.

1.    Use Smart Storage in Your Counter Space

Counter space is considered as prime real estate especially when it comes to small kitchens. The last thing you need is a bulky dish drying rack occupying valuable counter space. Save space by using an over-the-sink rack instead. Not only is it space-saving, but it also allows water from the dishes to drip down the drain, it also keeps your counter dry and clean as well.

2.    Use Lazy Susans for Your Pantry Items

Lazy Susans are perfect for giving you a 360-degree access to bottles and jars that would normally get lost in the back of a cabinet or shelf. You can just place your jars and taller bottles on the Lazy Susans and just spin them to get what you need. This certainly beats shuffling bottles around trying to find what you’re looking for.

3.    Install Sliding Drawers

Cabinets are great, especially those that give you a good amount of space. However, it can get hard to access it at times — some cabinets will have you kneeling and reaching deep within, or in the case of top shelves, have you use a step tool, chair, or even a ladder. A good compromise is to install sliding drawers in the cabinet. These will make it a breeze to reach that far end of the cabinet and make better use of that space.

4.    Get Creative with Your Existing Cabinets

Most kitchens already have built-in cabinets that you will most likely have to stick with unless you’re doing a major renovation. With just a little imagination and research, you can find creative ways to gain more storage with your existing cabinets. And when we say creative kitchen ideas, it means not limiting yourself to the insides of the cabinet — you can also use the exposed sides to install shelves to create more storage space.

5.    Consider a Shallow depth Refrigerator

If you’re thinking of getting a new refrigerator, why not get something that won’t stick out six to eight inches in front of your kitchen cabinets? A bulky refrigerator can take up precious floor space and crowd your passageway as well. A shallow-depth refrigerator will sit comfortably within or beside your kitchen cabinets and can make your kitchen much more spacious. If you need more help in choosing the right refrigerator to complement your counter size, refer to this helpful guide.

6.    Install Pull-out Solutions

Pull-out solutions can give you a decent amount of extra space in your kitchen counter. A great example here is a pull-out cutting board. After you’re done using the board for prepping, just slide it back into place. Another good solution is using collapsible countertop, which are part table and part countertop. You can have the drop leaf surface installed on the side of a base cabinet or on the wall, allowing you to maximize your counter space or even extend the length of your static countertop.

With so many creative ways to maximize kitchen space, there’s no need to settle with a small, crowded kitchen. By installing clever accessories in your existing fixtures and choosing your appliances carefully, you can get the bigger and better-looking kitchen you’ve always aspired to have.