How to Protect Your Outdoor TV This Winter
Expert Advice

Outdoor TVs are perfect for catching the big game while hosting a backyard BBQ, but you need to take extra steps to keep your electronics safe from the cold.

Who said a backyard BBQ can only happen during the summertime? Not us! With some layers, shelter, and a hot grill, you can still turn a snowy day into an outdoor gameday for the family. With the heat running inside, it’s easier to turn on the outdoor TV than it is to keep going in and out to catch the next big play. Let’s talk about how to protect your outdoor TV this winter so that you can get your grilling done without any tech issues interrupting the game.

Use a Protective Case or Covering

With any outdoor TV, it’s crucial to keep the screen safe from all kinds of weather-related damage. Even prolonged direct sunlight can damage a TV screen, but the moisture from rain and snow are your biggest concerns. Protective cases are the best gear for the job.

While heavy-duty shells tend to be opaque, many lightweight TV cases even have a clear cover so that you can keep the TV on without opening it up. You also have the option to buy protective fabric covers that zip up. Still, only purchase these covers if they’re listed as water-resistant.

Mount Your TV Under a Cover

Mount your TV under some kind of shade to protect it from direct rain or snowfall. If your patio has roofing, keep the TV on a wall closest to the home and under the roof’s protection. Keeping the TV against a wall with a ledge overhead also helps keep moisture away from the device.

Mountable shades or screens are available for TVs but must be sturdy enough to potentially hold the weight of snow.

Weatherproof Outlets & Cords

Beyond protecting your TV itself, remember to protect the cords attached to it. If the cold damages power cords and HDMI cables, all the effort to preserve the television gets wasted. Weatherproof cables are standard fare nowadays, but you should frequently check for any cord damage. You can also invest in cable managers that not only conceal your cords but protect them as well.

Weatherproof outlets are also worth investing in to prevent outlet corrosion and potential safety hazards from the mixture of water and electricity. While securing your power outlets, consider installing a surge protector as well. Lightning strikes frequently occur during winter storms, and the subsequent power surge can damage your TV’s power supply.

Understanding how to protect your outdoor TV this winter ensures that you and your family don’t need to worry about TV issues ruining your backyard BBQ. Investing in a bit of protective gear now will also save you money down the road!