How to Make the Most of Game Day
Expert Advice

From nachos and hot dogs to fried chicken and hamburgers, one of the perks of attending a live sporting event – along with enjoying the action on the field, of course – is the unique cuisine that can be found in stadium parking lots across the nation.

Of course, for the tailgating community, the food part of game day takes care of itself, and many times you will see a cook-out taking place within close proximity of the stadium on game day.

For many people, game day is an institution, and from the moment they wake, everything revolves around the matchup.

To make the very most of your pre-game experience, here are some ideas you can try to enhance your enjoyment of the action.

Skin in the game

Watching live sport is all about excitement, and one way you can increase that is by having some ‘skin in the game.’

You can wager on who you think will win the game or on various player and team props with several different sportsbooks (depending on your location) and make the most of a bookmaker bonus to bet without risking your own hard-earned money.

Maybe you could put together a game-day fantasy team, drafting some of the players you will be watching – you’ll have even more reason to be ‘vocal’ in your support of those you have wagered on and drafted!

Sample the local hospitality

There’s something truly special about traveling to new towns and cities to watch live sport.

Not only can you look forward to the game, but you can also frequent the local amenities to maximize your enjoyment of your temporary surroundings.

We’re talking pubs and bars and eateries (if you haven’t got a cook-out planned), shops, and local hotspots to help you pass the time ahead of the start of the game. And look out for special ‘fan zones’ – sometimes you’ll find that designated areas are given over to sports fans to help create a fun atmosphere.

Enjoy the half-time show

These often pass by unnoticed because fans take this opportunity to stock up on food and beverages or head to the bathroom. Still, the half-time show is just part of the package of live sport – try and stay in your seat during the break because there’s more entertainment to be enjoyed even when the players are having a breather.

Prepare your tailgate in advance

Take the time to plan your preferred location to pick a prime spot to get your grill on in the perfect surroundings. It’s all part of the game-day experience!