Create a Fantastic Tailgating Experience for Kids
Expert Advice

Image: Deposit Photos, dehooks

Take your kids with you to the next football game you attend and create a fantastic tailgating experience that they’ll never forget. Learn how below.

Tailgating is one of the best ways to celebrate attending a sporting event. Next time you go, bring the kids with you, and create a fantastic tailgating experience they’ll never forget. In fact, this is a perfect summer activity that they’ll enjoy going to.

Prepare for Everything

When you have kids with you, you need to prepare for just about everything. Pack as many things as you think you’ll need while tailgating before the sports game. This includes emergency supplies, bug spray, sunscreen, appropriate clothing items, etc.

Find a Spot Early

In any case, you want to find a tailgating spot close to the entrance for easy access. This is even more prevalent with kids because, by the end of the day, they will be exhausted from all the fun they had; a short walk back to the car makes ending the day much more accessible. Arrive at the stadium earlier than you usually would so you can pick a spot and start setting up camp as soon as possible.

Have Age-Appropriate Food and Drinks

Burgers, brats, and hotdogs are among the most popular tailgating foods. Because kids are much pickier with food, pack snacks and lunches you know they will eat. Consider trying chicken sausage; having meat on the menu that you know they’ll eat ensures they will be eating something while the festivities happen.

Bring Entertainment

Depending on how early you arrive at the stadium, bring enough games and activities to keep the children occupied. Having their favorite interactive yard games allows them to enjoy their day and tailgating experience even more. Don’t forget to pack some music so you can listen to tunes while playing those fun yard games.

Creating a fantastic tailgating experience for your kids does not differ that much from an all-adult tailgating event. The main concerns are being prepared for any type of incident, packing food and drinks, and entertaining the kids. Don’t forget to take a ton of pictures so you can relive the experience with your kids as they grow older.