Deciding Between a Pickup Truck or an SUV
Expert Advice

Deciding on the vehicle to bring for your next tailgate can get tricky. Here are a few tips for deciding between a pickup truck and an SUV for the occasion. Going tailgating is one of your favorite activities to do on the weekends. Whether you go with friends, family, or both, tailgating is a great way to socialize with other sports lovers and spend time with family.  But having the appropriate vehicle is necessary to have fun. So, here are some tips for deciding between a pickup truck and an SUV.

Pickup Trucks

Thanks to their reliability and strong towing power, pickup trucks have become more popular over the years. It’s a great vehicle to not only get to tailgating events but to also bring along a grill, coolers, and so much more.

Pickup trucks first served as a farm utility vehicle when they first came on the scene, and now they’re part of every audience. So, what makes pickup trucks great for tailgating?

Fuel Economy

One of the myths about trucks is that they are famous for being gas-guzzlers. That couldn’t be further from the truth; they beat SUVs by a hair. For example, the Ford F-150 comes in at 19 miles per gallon, surpassing SUVs by an inch. They’re also great for making long commutes.

Towing Abilities

When it comes to towing an RV or other supplies for a tailgate, you can rely on a pickup truck for what you need. Towing is an essential function of any pickup truck.

While SUVs only handle roughly 8,000 pounds, pickup trucks can pull over 10,000 pounds. It’s great for getting your grill and other tailgating supplies wherever you need to go.

Sports Utility Vehicles

The name says it all; Sports Utility Vehicles—or SUVs—make a great companion in driving comfortably and providing extra legroom for your passengers. SUVs pack a punch for the next tailgating event with a roomy interior, a lifted ride height, and four-wheel drive features.

Drivability, Seating, and Comfort

SUVs offer a responsive driving experience, making maneuvering tight turns and narrow parking lot spaces a breeze. Acceleration can go from 0-60 mph between 7-8 seconds, so if you want a reliable vehicle that will get you to the next tailgate in no time, the SUV is a clear winner.

When you drive for hours to the next tailgate, everyone should feel comfortable during the journey, including you. So, with six seats or more, you’ll provide plenty of space for your additional riders. You’ll enjoy each second of the drive without feeling cramped.

Which To Choose?

After learning tips for deciding between a pickup truck and an SUV, it comes down to what you’re looking for in a long-term vehicle. While both have long lifespans, everyone relies on SUVs and pickup trucks for varying reasons.

If you need a vehicle to haul your cookout equipment and have only a few people riding with you, a pickup truck works wonders. If you need additional room for many passengers while remaining comfortable, then an SUV will do great.

Enjoying tailgates not only requires good food, people, and weather—you also need a car to depend on. So, whether you choose a pickup truck or an SUV, your tailgating experiences will be even better.