Games to Bring for a Tailgate Party
Expert Advice

Tailgating is a lot of fun.  However, you can make it even better by bringing the right games to the tailgate—games that everyone will enjoy and get people talking and mingling. Here are four classic tailgating games you should consider.


Cornhole is a long-standing traditional game that dates to all our childhoods. This game is popular at family reunions, drinking parties, and even after gym classes. If you bring this game to your tailgate party, people are sure to team up and have fun. Though you’ll want to learn the factors that make a pro cornhole board worth getting first.


Another traditional game, horseshoes is great for tailgaters who want to create some intense moments as the competitive spirit grows inside everyone. These games are very popular among family and friends as everyone can quickly learn the game and get into it with just a few throws.

Giant Jenga

There are few games as outlandish and fun as a big set of blocks you try to build bigger and bigger without knocking it over. Giant Jenga is a game that will grab everyone’s attention and will be a fond memory for years to come. This game encourages players to try to balance large blocks stacked as tall as themselves, creating some very silly moments at the party.

Bottle Bowling

Regular bowling is a lot of fun and can really bring a party together, but that’s not possible when you’re tailgating. Instead, you should bring bowling to the party by getting a bottle bowling set. This game will have your guests watching with bated breath as you try to knock down ten pins on uneven ground.

All these games are great at any tailgating party if you want to make it more fun. You’ll quickly bring everyone together by encouraging them to compete and grow closer because of it. This camaraderie is why bringing tailgate games to your party is such an important part of having a great tailgating experience.