Best Tailgating Games for Summer
Expert Advice

The perfect tailgate is not complete without the right tailgating game.

Before or after eating, while you’re having a drink, nothing sets the mood better than a fun game amongst friends. At Tailgater Magazine, we have you covered with some of the best tailgate games.

One of the most fun tailgating game ideas we’ve seen out there is VersaHOOP, which gives you the ability to play games anywhere. You can clamp it on, hook it on, or stick it on, and you have a basketball hoop ready no matter where you are! Get in the spirit of competition with a game of H-O-R-S-E or around the world, testing the shooting abilities of everyone at the tailgate. Plus, you can even choose your own board and net colors and design to customize it just how you like it.

Before the big game, every tailgater wants to picture themselves out there, tossing the football around. That can become a reality in an enjoyable way with QB54, the best tailgating football game out there. This game is built into two traditional folding chairs, with the set also including two sets of goalposts, two carrying bags, and a football. Get your creative juices flowing as you decide how you want to play. Throw it in the basket, kick it through the uprights, or make up your own rules – the only thing that’s certain is you’ll be entertained all the way to kickoff.


Of course, it was long past time for one of the most classic party games of all-time to make it to the tailgate with Tailgate Pong! This set with formed cupholders fits perfect inside of your tailgate, so you can play on the go. Made with a heavy duty liner which lasts, this is a tailgating game you’ll enjoy for many summers to come. Even if it’s been a while, the memories will come rushing back once you get in your first game of tailgate pong!


For a new twist on an old classic, try Jenga GIANT, which can stack to over four feet high! Made to the specifications of the Jenga you know and love, it’s fun to watch and play. Liven up your next tailgate with this unique twist!


For other classic tailgating games, try your hand at cornhole or ladder toss. These are universal and can be played by almost everyone with no teaching required, which makes them perfect to jump into and out of during a tailgate. This makes for quick, fun games where everyone can get involved.

Your tailgating this summer doesn’t have to include only food and drinks, as essential as those are. Spice things up with some fun and interesting tailgating games to make your party even more memorable. Even picking just one of these tailgate game ideas will take your tailgate to the next level. Have fun this summer!