Best Beers To Drink During a Football Game
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Image: Deposit Photos, HayDmitriy

An easy sipping experience and your favorite teams make game day more enjoyable. Here’s a small list of the best beers to drink during a football game.

Game day is a great time for gathering friends and family and enjoying watching a good old-fashioned competition. Whether you choose to socially distance or party within limits, the drinks you serve could make or break the big day. Here are some of the best beers to drink during a football game that everyone on your guest list can enjoy.

Bud Light

With the title of the official beer of the NFL, Bud Light is a lighter beer choice for those who want to have more than one drink. Bud Light is the perfect garage fridge beer to have on hand and serve at any time. It’s especially refreshing on game day.


If you’re planning a taco bar or a novel party, stocking the fridge with Corona is the answer. This beverage has a delicious crisp feeling and is rather refreshing when topped with lime. For a lighter spin, a Corona Lite is a guilt-free drink that you can enjoy.


The versatility of a Guinness makes it one of the best beers to drink during a football game. Not only can you and your guests enjoy an Irish stout, but you can also use it to make some delicious Guinness snacks. Some fun game day snacks with Guinness in the recipe include pub cheese dip, beer cheese brats, and even chili.

Stella Artois

Another great, light brew outside of the everyday beers is Stella Artois. This will be a favorite among your female guests who want a refreshing, crisp taste without drinking too much. Also, any guest who decides against something more mainstream may appreciate this option.

Choosing a lighter selection of brews to serve to your guests or choosing to go BYOB are both excellent ways to develop a beer-tasting palate while watching football and enjoying company. Whether your game day is on a Saturday or Sunday, you’ll always have a host of games to view from the comfort of your own home. And as always, remember to drink responsibly and have fun!