4 Tips to Set Up the Best Backyard Barbecue Party
Expert Advice

Is it your turn to host the next get-together? Use the following four tips to set up the best backyard barbecue party for family and friends.

Friends gather by the grill as you cook steaks and sip on a cold drink. Music booms through the Bluetooth stereo on the patio. The kids beg to go swimming and run about searching for snacks.

How can you set up the perfect setting for a backyard barbecue party? Are you forgetting anything? Use these tips to help you host an incredible event!

Provide a Variety of Outdoor Seating Options

Guests should have the opportunity to sit down and get comfortable, so set out an array of seating options. Patio furniture, lawn chairs, and outdoor seating are the most popular. Hammocks, picnic tables, blankets, and bean bags can be just as suitable!

Use a Pergola to Cover the Food Area

Although you’ve likely checked the weather forecast before your event, you never know when things could take a turn for the worse. You don’t want to put your grilled food at risk of getting soaked in the rain!

A pergola is great for outdoor events because of its versatility. You can leave the louvers open on sunny days or shut them when it rains. By placing the pergola in the best spot in the yard, you can set up the food and beverages right underneath. Then, your guests can gather there to grab food or socialize.

Add Shelter to the Yard

A lone pergola may not be enough for your backyard BBQ. You’ll likely need other shelters around the yard. A pop-up tent or canopy is a great temporary solution, especially on sunny, hot days or when rain comes out of nowhere. Nothing will stop you and your friends from having a wonderful time when you’ve got shelter!

Light Up the Landscaping

There’s no doubt that your party will outlast the sunlight, so you’ll need lighting around the yard to keep it going. You can complete your backyard barbecue party setup by adding lights around the landscaping. Place string lights on top of the fence and pergola and add solar-powered lights at the base of large shrubs and flower beds.

Strategically placing lights around the yard is practical and will provide a luminous and inviting atmosphere for your BBQ party.

Setting up a backyard barbecue party isn’t as tough as it seems. With a great group of friends and a comfortable place to gather, you’ll have a great time, rain, or shine!