Best Activities To Do With Your Dog This Fall
Expert Advice

Football season isn’t the only amazing thing about fall—it’s also a great season for dog owners! Early to mid-fall is one of the best times of the year to be outside, especially if you’re a dog owner. The temperatures are much kinder for your furry friend, and it’ll love checking out all the wonderful smells that fall has to offer. Here are the best activities to do with your dog this fall.

Host a Homegate Party

One of the silver linings of the last few years is that people are a lot more flexible when it comes to tailgating. All over the country, fans have switched from traditional tailgating to “homegating” parties.

While nothing beats seeing your favorite team play in person, it can be nice to relax with friends in the comfort of your home or backyard—plus, your dog can be a part of the fun! Make sure to get a pooch-sized jersey to wear for the occasion.

Visit a Winery

When it’s not game day, take your dog out to a local winery for some fall fun. Many wineries are dog-friendly (check before you go!), and you can play with your dog while enjoying a glass of your favorite vintage. It’s a win-win situation.

Go Hiking or Camping

Another activity to do with your dog this fall is to go hiking or camping together. It will enjoy a good outdoor adventure as much as you do, plus the exercise is great for keeping dogs healthy and strong. Enjoy playing fetch with a frisbee while the burgers are on the grill, and afterward, you both can huddle by the fire.

Visit a Pumpkin Patch

Pumpkins are one of the best things about fall, and dogs-plus-pumpkins are an amazing combination. Who doesn’t want a million pictures of their happy doggo surrounded by cheerful gourds on their phone? You can even go the extra mile and give your dog a professional photoshoot à la Charlie Brown.

Trick or Treat

Fall is a great excuse to dress up your dog in costumes, especially around Halloween. Many pet stores sell dog-size costumes, but with a little creativity, you can probably make one with what you have at home. Take your dog around the neighborhood for laughs or set up a spooky reception for other trick-or-treaters in your driveway. Just don’t give your dog any chocolate!

Whether you’re watching a game with friends or looking to spend some time outside, fall is the perfect time to bring your dog along. If you want your dog to look its best, don’t forget to take it in to see a professional dog groomer first! You’ll appreciate how good your dog looks in photos.