Become a Tailgating Guru Part 2
Expert Advice

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Forgot the bottle opener? No problem. There are lots of ways to break into a brew with items you likely have on hand. Here are four of the best ways to keep the tailgate party rolling. 


1. Another Beer Bottle

For all but the last bottle of beer, you can pop the top of your favorite adult beverage using the cap of another. Firmly hold the neck of the bottle you want to open. Flip upside down the bottle being used as the opener. Put the corner of the “opener” cap under the cap of the bottle to drink. Apply pressure and the top should pop right off. 

2. The Car

The latch to which your car door connects can remove that bottle cap. Place the bottle top entirely beneath the latch. Hook the side of the cap closest to you on the inside of the latch. Apply downward pressure on the bottle to pop the top.

3. Cash

Fold a dollar bill in half so that the short ends meet. From one short end, roll up the bill as tightly as possible. Bend the two ends together, creating a hard, flat corner. Place this corner under the cap, and your index finger between the bill and the bottle. Lever the dollar bill against your index finger, applying pressure until the cap comes off. Strapped for cash? Folding a sheet of plain paper repeatedly in half until you have a bendable strip similar to the dollar bill can also do the trick. 

4. Your Keys

Grip the bottle close to the bottle cap. Place the indentation that runs along the flat side of a house or car key under the cap, so that the ridged side faces away from the bottle. Twist the key toward the ridge side, using your hand as a lever. Off pops the top.