Advice for Dealing With Unexpected Vehicle Trouble
Expert Advice

Image: Pexels

We’ve all been there. Unexpected car trouble can bring you down. Fortunately, here’s some valuable advice for dealing with unexpected vehicle trouble. If something happens to your car, don’t panic, you can mitigate the problem. Here’s some tips that can help you do so.

Get Out of Traffic and Pull Over

As soon as you notice trouble, get out of traffic, and pull over. You don’t want to risk the vehicle stopping in the middle of the road, creating an accident. When searching for a place to pull over, select a safe spot that’s away from a lot of cars. For example, pulling over and parking on a side street is a great option. While finding a safe place to pull over, turn on your hazard lights. This alerts other drivers about your vehicle issues.

Have Roadside Assistance on Hand

While dealing with unexpected vehicle trouble, have the number to roadside assistance on hand. Many auto insurance policies include roadside assistance in their coverage plan to help with unexpected mishaps. When you call the provider, be sure to include your car’s insurance policy information, your exact location, and a description of the vehicle’s problem. A representative will send a tow truck to take the vehicle to your desired location.

Depending on the time of day, you can take the car to an auto repair shop and let a mechanic service the vehicle. If it’s after hours, the tow truck can park your vehicle outside of your home. The next day, you can call a mechanic to diagnose the vehicle issues. Don’t let your car go unchecked.

Assess Your Vehicle Problem

Whether you’re waiting for roadside assistance or preparing to service your vehicle, it’s essential to assess the car’s problem. External issues like flat tires are noticeable and generally easy to fix. However, internal issues can be hard to pinpoint. Try your best to assess and explain what you’re experiencing to the mechanic in as much detail as possible so that they can make an accurate diagnosis. If you don’t feel comfortable checking underneath the hood (because you suspect internal damage), wait for a professional to inspect the car.

Never Abandon Your Vehicle

If your car breaks down, don’t abandon it because a tow company may tow it away. You’ll have a hard time locating the vehicle and have to pay hefty fines. If you need to leave your car, write a note, and place it on the dashboard or window. Explain your vehicle trouble and express that you will return to the car. Before leaving, take out personal belongings like your wallet, keys, or purse. Doing so prevents theft. When you receive help, return to your vehicle as quickly as possible!

Take Note of the Environment

When you face trouble, assess your surroundings. If you’re in a residential area or city, there may be an auto repair shop near you. However, if you’re in a rural area, finding help may be challenging. Use your smartphone to research the nearest mechanic.

Taking note of the environment includes acknowledging the season. Cold weather can trigger internal car troubles, and it’s important to understand ways to mitigate issues. For instance, one way to fix a hard shifting transmission is by using a reliable synthetic fluid. Since cold weather thickens transmission fluid, the alternative liquid offers better lubrication.