5 Ways to Sneak Booze Into the Game
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A good drink and a ball game go together like bacon and eggs, burger and fries, or cereal and milk. However, the NFL prohibits bringing your own booze into stadiums. Of course, you can’t bring it into the college games either. To make matters worse, some universities either make consuming alcohol damn near impossible or don’t allow it at all. But, c’mon, what’s a tailgate without a little bit of grandpa’s old cough medicine? What’s a tailgater to do when you either can’t get your prized bottle of small-batch bourbon past the liquor Nazis or don’t want to shell out the dough for a $15 cup of watered-down drivel? Hide it, of course. Here are 5 ingenious inventions to help you conceal your favorite booze at any tailgate or stadium.

Hide It In An Umbrella

The BoozeBrella by Smugmug just might be one of the most ingenious gadgets for hiding booze at any event. Disguised as an ordinary compact umbrella, the handle contains a flask capable of holding up to 9 ounces of your favorite booze. The fabric comes in an array of colors and styles and is even padded to feel like a real umbrella. The only flaw with the BoozeBrella is the fact that it’s not a real umbrella.  So, if it starts to rain, you’re outta luck and people may wonder why you are choosing to get wet. Of course, you can tell them that it’s unlikely that you’ll melt.

Hide It In Your Bra

The WineRack Bra Flask is not only the best-named product of all time but a perfect way for women to easily increase their bust size and bring hidden booze into any event. Seriously, no pesky security guy is going to think about searching “up there” for booze unless he wants a knee to the groin and a hefty lawsuit. This over-the-shoulder-boulder-holder for hooch contains a discreet polyurethane bladder that holds more than 25 ounces (around 1 and-a-half bottles of wine) and a tube for drinking like a straw or for dispensing into a cup. The tube also allows the wearer to reinflate the bra with air once it’s empty. You wouldn’t want to start the day as a DD and ending as an A would you?

Hide It In Your Sunscreen

The GoPong Hidden Sunscreen alcohol flask is another foolproof way to get your booze into any stadium or tailgate. Sporting a logo very similar to a nationally known sunscreen brand, these little tubes hold up to 8 ounces of alcohol. This two-pack comes with a pair of flasks in SPF15 and SPF30 varieties and are so realistic you won’t get a second look from any member of the fun police.

Hide It Inside A Pair of Binoculars

For those sporting events where you find yourself in the nosebleed section, the Collins Accessories Double-Sided Binocular Flask is the perfect hiding place for your alcohol. Made to look like a basic pair of black binoculars, each eyepiece holds 8 ounces of booze – 16 ounces total. The flask also comes with a funnel for mess-free filling and a strap for hanging around your neck like a real pair of binoculars.

Hide It In a Flash Light

Unlike other items on this list, the VSSL Adventure Flask  provides dual practicality as it comprises a real working flashlight, as well as a hidden flask capable of holding up to nine ounces of booze. This handy little device spots a four-mode LED light and two collapsible shot glasses for drinking at the game in style.