Witches Blood
Food and Drink

Adapted from sprinklesandsprouts.com; Image: depositphotos.com - belchonock

Witches Blood


Serves: 14


1/2 cup cherry schnapps

1/2 cup vodka

1 cup whiskey

1/3 cup fresh lemon juice

4 cups cherry soda

This takes a little finesse. In a bowl or pitcher, stir together the schnapps, vodka, whisky and lemon juice. Drop in a cup or two of ice cubes and stir to chill. Strain into your serving pitcher or punch bowl. Tip the pitcher slightly and gently pour the cold soda down the side to stifle as much bubbling as possible. If you want the cocktail or punch flatter, leave in the cubes as you pour. Stir gently until combined. Pour into glasses or let guests serve themselves.