Cinnamon & Cranberry Bourbon Spritzers
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adapted from; photo: Svetlana Kolpakova

Cinnamon & Cranberry Bourbon Spritzers

Serves: 4


6 ounces bourbon

3 ounces Canada Dry Ginger Ale

3 ounces Canada Dry Ginger Ale with Cranberry

splash of cranberry juice

splash of orange juice

1 tablespoon cinnamon simple syrup recipe below, more or less to taste

rosemary, for garnish


for cinnamon simple syrup:

2 cups water

6 cinnamon sticks

2 cups granulated sugar

Give yourself plenty of room on this one: use a large shaker. Fill it about half full of ice and pour in all the ingredients. Shake it firmly, then strain into glasses (with or without ice). Garnish with a sprig of rosemary, cinnamon or fresh cranberries.

for the simple syrup: In a small saucepan, let the water and cinnamon sticks boil on high heat for 10–15 minutes, then add the sugar. Simmer until the sugar dissolves. Pour into a storage container, seal and store in the fridge for up to two weeks.